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1) Yoops is a one syllable domain name

2) Yoops is shorter than most of the GAFA (the big 4 tech companies):

Google (Yoops 5 letters against 6 for Google)

Amazon (Yoops 5 letters against 6 for Amazon)

Facebook (Yoops 5 letters against 8 for Facebook)

Apple (equal 5 letters - to the wealthiest corporation in the world, Apple)

3) Yoops can be used for almost any activity, airline, amusement park, tech corporation, search engine to compete with Google (😡), electric cars, a Uber-style company, any industry, any trade, any product,

4) Yoops, well marketed, will be worth millions of $$$$$$$ and GAFA might become GAFAY

5) Think of success stories yahoo.com (5 letters)





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